It’s been an incredible first week at Labyrinth Escape Rooms and it wouldn’t have been made possible without the amazing groups to walk through our doors and give our Insane Asylum room a try.

It’s always a little daunting when you start something new.  During our design process, we had some doubts if our escape room was going to make the cut.  Were our puzzles too easy? Were they too hard? Were people going to escape? Where would we hide the people who didn’t?  These are the sort of questions we asked ourselves and thankfully during our testing phase, no one was injured or harmed or had to be locked in our basement for taking too long to escape!! Ha. Kidding. Sort of.

Our friends hold the record for the longest time to escape at 68mins! They would not leave the room until they solved everything themselves! Congratulations to our record holders!!!

Sydney has a plethora of amazing escape room outfits and we wanted to be in the same league as them.  During our research and development stage (read: having fun trying out other escape rooms) we saw how creative other escape room owners designed and decorated their room.  The benchmark was set and we knew we had a lot of work to do to get the right look and feel for the theme.  Unfortunately, Ikea doesn’t make the cut when trying to fit out an abandoned Insane Asylum so we trekked all over Sydney to find the perfect vintage and antique pieces to suit our theme.

During our opening week, teams came from all over Sydney with different experience levels, and I’m super proud to say that every single team had the best time.  A few teams escaped whilst others were only a puzzle or two away but each one came out smiling and laughing which is our company’s ultimate mission.

Above all else, the best part for me would have to be listening to the conversations the teams talk about whilst in the rooms.  I sit at reception, headphones on, and can hear every little thing the teams say and I have to cover my mouth from stopping myself from laughing too much!! Here are some of my favourite quotes:

“Stop wearing the shirt! You just want to keep it!” – Grace

“That sounds like a playstation 1 cheat” – Vince

“This reminds me of my grandmas furniture” – Alex

“Are these pregnancy tests?” – Phil

“Damn crazy people! Look at this! No Apostrophe!” – Pete

“Is there something I can use to reach it?” “I have a shirt!” – Wilson and Theo

“These are some DJ nurses” – Anna

“We’re going to get eaten!” “You don’t get eaten here. You go crazy!” – Joe and Mary

“You’re getting snappy” – Nikki

“Try it backwards just for fun” – Andrew

“Get it Guuuuurrrrllll! Oh no! Celebrated too soon!” – Shania and Maddie

“Look at your face in the mirror!” Jackie and Wendy

“Maybe someone has to suck it out?” – Anthony

If you haven’t done our escape room yet, these quotes will make zero sense but if you have, you can kind of guess when they said it and I hope you laugh as much as I did.

We still have many available spots left during our opening month special of $20pp so get your friends together and get locked in the Insane Asylum!!

Until next time,