Labyrinth Escape Rooms' Blog

Opening Week Madness

It’s been an incredible first week at Labyrinth Escape Rooms and it wouldn’t have been made possible without the amazing groups to walk through our doors and give our Insane Asylum room a try. It’s always a little daunting when you start something... read more

Adventure and Constructions

What a busy busy week it’s been here at Labyrinth Escape Rooms!! We started construction on our very empty property and in just a few short days, we’ve managed to put up the timber frames, insulation, gyprock and plaster.  We’ve also been very... read more

The Story Behind Labyrinth Escape Rooms

Firstly, a big thanks to you, our reader, for taking the time to check out our site. You’ve probably arrived here out of curiosity–perhaps not really knowing what an escape room is. Or maybe you’re a seasoned room escapee, eager to try out Sydney’s latest rooms.... read more

Meet Sydney’s Newest Escape Room

A blindfold is placed over your eyes. You are instructed to stand back-to-back in a neat row of four. A door creaks open, and you and your friends are ushered into a dark, eerily quiet room. With equal parts excitement and gut-wrenching terror, your heart starts to... read more